Advice Fatigue

Over the past few years I have worked with a few coaches on a one-to-one basis and as part of group programmes. They were great. I learned a lot and made huge changes and stretched myself.

And now? Now I am over advice. Any person who even looks like they might be telling me what I could do is put into some imaginary bin in my brain. No more advice please.

I’m totally aware I do it too! On my social media and this very blog I’m all advice happy suggesting that you might like to get some fresh air or give yourself a hug or write a compliment list. Put my hypocritical butt in your brain bin if you are all adviced-out too.

If you know why I’m feeling this way I’d love to hear your ideas (just not your advice lol) and if you feel the same tell me, I strongly suspect I am not the only one.

Personally, January was a total sh!t-meet-fan month and doing the pushing necessary to maintain normality despite it has brought me right to the end of my tether. Maybe that’s why I don’t welcome any more suggestions on what to DO. I’ve been DO-ing.

If we’re being honest here the last two years have been nothing but a keep pushing, get through it situation and all my push has gone.

We don’t always have to be in a state of growth and expansion.

We can be still, gather our strength, take stock of our situation and prepare for the coming season of growth. Not all four seasons of the year are about blooming. I’m noticing that the first signs of Spring are appearing but oh, so slowly. A little green shoot here, a tiny white drop there it’s unfolding just a smidge each day.

I’m reminding myself that I don’t need to be in full flourish 365 days of the year. The tree that will soon be laden with the pink blossoms I love so much is still bare. And it’s still beautiful.

Plus advice has a rather limited impact anyway. All I can ever really say is what has worked for me. You, being an entirely different human being with different experiences, interactions with the world and personality could do every single thing that I do and have a completely different outcome.

I can advise you to go shake it off when really what you need is a quiet place to sit in the dark for 2 minutes. My husband is a fan of naps. They ‘reset’ his brain and help him to function (and he’s not just being a cheeky git!) Naps make me feel grumpy and even more tired. So his advice for me to nap would be terrible and my advice for him to sing really loud for 10 minutes would be even worse, especially for those who had to listen.

So, my dear, there’s no advice from me today. If you’re tired of being told what you should do – I hear you. I’m tired too.

As always, you have my love.

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