When your Business Evolves

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Dr. Morgana McCabe Allan drops truth bombs like I drop my phone: regularly and with maximum impact.

One of my favourite things about her is how willing she is to evolve herself and her business. (This is where I remind you of my firm belief that those two things are not actually separate and self improvement IS business improvement.) That means that over the past few years we’ve had the opportunity to work together a number of times as I play my favourite position as support team member for Morgana.

So what happens with your old photos when your business shifts, changes and grows into something new?

You’re all excited to have gorgeous new media that shows off the amazing things you are doing and the message you want the world to know. Are the old ones now destined for the bin? I mean, people have already seen them and they don’t seem so relevant any more, right?


And do you want to know why?

Change is beautiful

Use your old images to show that growth! They’re still beautiful photos. People don’t want you to pretend that your history didn’t happen, that you’ve always been exactly the way you are now. Show them how you’ve changed, tell them why you changed, start a conversation, ask your customers and audience how they’ve changed.

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And remember, you wouldn’t only wear an item of clothing one time and then throw it away so people don’t see it again. So don’t do that with your photos. Post them again and again, keep using them and if you needs advice about how to do that check out this post.

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So Remember

  • change is good
  • share your growth
  • keep using your old photos
  • enjoy the evolution

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