Michelle’s Brand Shoot

Michelle has absolutely grafted in the corporate world her entire working life. Following the rules and operating within the parameters of Human Resources but more and more feeling like there was a lot of human missing from H.R.

So she did what so many epic women have done, she pivoted, reinvented her career and made things better.

Now she supports business in a more WHOLEistic way that not only makes her feel better but truly helps the people who use her service.

Michelle’s main goal was to mix the two sides of herself: the professional and the heart-led. In a world where we are told that you can’t be both things Michelle was eager to show you definitely can be. Smart and soft, professional and caring, organised and empathetic.

The world would say that one is masculine and the other feminine. So should she choose power suits or florals? Well, we decided on both.

There was almost an element of permission given to do so. Michelle kind of sounded me out, suggesting that we might do something like that and I saw the relief and joy on her face when I said “Hell yes!” and dived into a mini rant on how we need to bring together those parts of ourself we’ve thought are in opposition but really can work together to our highest good.

So we went gallivanting down to the allotments where Michelle spends her spare time, walked along a gorgeous path through the wood and beside a pretty pond before heading into her office and finally down to the beach.

I have to mention we did stop for a delicious lunch to keep us fuelled half way through the day! Neither models nor photographers work well on empty tummies!

Along with beautiful headshots and amazing personal brand images perfect for website, social media etc. every person who books a full Personal Brand Shoot also gets a free library of exclusive stock imagery which is shot on the day. I had to try really hard not to just take and include photos of chives for Michelle, they’re so pretty and match her brand colours perfectly!

What would you wear for your personal brand shoot and where would our adventures take place?

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